What we are about

We are about supporting rural patients who find themselves in city medical environments.

Our work is based on the understanding that, for many people from rural and remote regions, a city can be like another planet. There’s a different language and there are different rules for getting on.

If you’re in a city hospital that experience is even more foreign. The language is even more remote. The experience can be even more isolating and even frightening.

For rural people, especially farmers, there may be many hidden and unspoken things going on that medical staff are not aware of. Even if they could read our thoughts, they may not understand the language.

Who’s doing the harvesting?

What if it doesn’t rain?

I should be there for calving!

How will the kids get to school!

RH@H is set up and run by rural people for rural people.  Our volunteers all come from a rural background and have some understanding of the realities of rural life and the practical needs of rural and farming families.

Our Main Roles

  • Raising awareness among medical professionals as to the characteristics and needs of rural patients. We believe that if they can understand what’s going on for us then they are better equipped to help.


  •  Supporting rural patients in city medical facilities in any way we can to make the journey easier. This may be in the hospital or on the family property.