A friend     |    Support      |     Practical Help   |       Advocacy     |    Renewal   When Katherine was thrown from a galloping horse into a farm gate she  crushed three vertebrae and her spinal cord, broke her shoulder blade and  arm and fractured her skull. She spent nearly four months recovering in a  city hospital with her mother by her side. From their experiences Rural  Help @ Hand was born. Read their story..     Rural Help at Hand (RHAH) aims to assist rural patients in practical ways so they can; to  return to their family, the rural environment and their workplace as soon as possible.   RHAH volunteers offer and provide friendship, practical and emotional support to rural  workers and their families during the recovery and rehabilitation stages.   RHAH volunteers work to assist in breaking down barriers of isolation, fear and loneliness that may exist for rural patients and their families now surviving in urban and city  environments in the midst of crisis.   Building and maintaining a strong and positive link between home and the hospital in any way we can, big or small is a corner-stone of RHAH   RHAH advocates for and on behalf of rural patients with disabilities and their families to better ensure that their needs are understood and met.   Rural Help at Hand is set up and run by rural people for rural people. Our volunteers all  come from a rural background and have some understanding of the realities of rural life and the practical needs of rural families. What is Rural Help at Hand? The role of Rural Help at  Hand is to provide  needed support for rural  patients and their  families in city hospitals  across the country. Our TEAM provides targetted help while you retain control of what is done. What we are about Putting some certainty into Uncertain Times If you want help or to help call Annette on 0438 009 522, or  (03) 6396 6160 or email annette@rhah.com.au