Become a RH@H Volunteer

Who can be a volunteer? We are always on the lookout for volunteers to give a helping hand. In filling this role, we seek anyone who has a history, knowledge and appreciation of rural life, work and its practical day-to-day realities. If you’ve lived, worked, or spent time getting to know a rural community (town, farm or station), you may wish to consider volunteering. We seek to match the skills, background and interests of volunteers to those of our patients. As accident, illness and trauma occur in all places, at all levels, in all ages and in men, women and children, we seek volunteers who can relate in one or any of these areas. Where Are Volunteers Needed? We need help everywhere – wherever you find rural people and their communities, homes and farms. Support could be needed anywhere between home and hospital. Volunteer in the Hospital – One of the most valuable roles of our volunteers is simply to listen or be someone to talk to. Hospitalisation is very often a lonely and isolating experience. This is especially so for rural patients, who often live hundreds of kilometres from the hospital, making visits from family and friends difficult. A country face and a country voice can go some way towards bridging that gap.  imagesCASTV45Y Volunteer on the Land – Could you lend a hand on a property? Who feeds the animals or arranges to get crops off paddocks if someone’s in hospital? Maybe your skills are just what’s needed to help someone else out of a crisis.


Volunteer on the Board – we are currently looking for Board members with diverse experiences and specific skills.

Volunteer through fundraising – we always need help to raise funds so we can continue to support patients and families.


Do I Need To Do Training? It depends on what you want to do. The training course is mostly for those who will be having contact with patients and families. There are no pre-requisites for the course. We have flexible training arrangements. Talk to us about your needs. How Much Time Is Required of Volunteers? It depends on how much you want to give and the area in which you want to volunteer. For example, you may be only rarely, if ever, called upon to support a family in your particular rural or farming area. Or you may be called upon regularly to do city hospital visits  – if you are happy to do so. It all depends on the level of need from patients and their family members in your area, along with how much time you wish to give.