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OUR VISION: Integrated support for rural patients and their families facing hospitalisation in cities across the country.

OUR MISSION: To provide grassroots support to rural patients in city hospitals, and help them remain connected to the land, their family and their community in times of crisis due to a disabling injury, illness or condition.

OUR ORIGINS: Rural Help @  Hand began life as practical, hands-on assistance to farmers in a Melbourne spinal rehabilitation centre in 2008. The idea of a structured, grass-roots organisation took root in 2010. Under its founder, Annette Reed, a small committee was formed and RH@H was incorporated in Tasmania in 2011, then became a Company limited by guarantee in 2014.

Our initial work is being done across Tasmania, with particular focus on the Launceston General Hospital in the north and Calvary Hospital in the south. We ultimately aim to assist rural patients and their families throughout Australia.


We educate and raise awareness about the particular circumstances and needs of rural patients when facing care in city environments.

We provide practical and emotional support to rural patients and their families in city hospitals and care facilities.

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